Castletown Golf Club

Capital International Castletown Cup (Men) Saturday 16th July 2022

Saturday 16th July 2022
Castletown Links 2020 new x, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

Please call or email for any last minute entries - 822211 or

Kindly supported by Capital International.

Men's Open 18 hole Strokeplay (Medal)

White tees only. 

Member entry £5

5/6 Day members are welcome but would pay additional £15 green fee

Visitor entry £30 (includes green fee)

Playing Handicap standard at 95% of Course Handicap.

PLEASE NOTE - there are no additional Score Balancing strokes.

Maximum Playing Handicap 28. Players with a higher Playing Handicap are welcome to compete but would be capped at 28.

The Winner of the Castletown Cup is the player with the best Nett score.

Prize credits awarded for (providing entries are sufficient:

  • 1-6th Nett
  • Best Gross, 2nd Gross

Capital International Castletown Cup (Men) Saturday 16th July 2022

Saturday 16th July 2022, White Tees, Castletown Links 2020 new x

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Ian Begley(13)  Peel Golf Club65
2nd Andrew Davies(9) 66
3rd Mike Hewison(13) 66
4th Matthew Bell(7) 67
5th Ben Smaller(4) 68
6th David Wilkinson(14)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club68
7th Steven Glynn(18) 68
8th Mark Curphey(1) 68
9th Ruairi Mooney(4)  Peel Golf Club69
10th Gareth Morris(5) 69
11th Stephen Berry(7) 69
12th Stephen Butt(7)  Peel Golf Club69
13th Tom Doyle(4) 69
14th Alexander Townell(6) 70
15th Jon Wagstaffe(10) 70
16th Lewis Howland(4)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club70
17th Peter Purcell(16) 70
18th Juan Costain(6) 70
19th Wayne Lewthwaite(12) 71
20th Kyle McConnell(12) 71
21st Trevor Boyles(10) 71
22nd Russell Kelly(10) 71
23rd Richard Corrin(7)  Rowany Golf Club71
24th Ross Mulligan(0) 71
25th Christopher Dunn(23) 72
26th Jamie Garrett(14) 72
27th Simon Murray(2) 72
28th Michael Kinmond(10) 72
29th Andrew Gerrard (6) 72
30th Trevor Peace(7)  Douglas Golf Club72
31st Darren Brogan(19)  King Edward Bay Golf Club72
32nd Andrew Tinnion(17)  Port St Mary Golf Club72
33rd Paul Hinstridge(15)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club72
34th Iain Quine(6) 72
35th Daniel Laughlin(12) 72
36th Nigel Gregg(9) 72
37th Orry Teare(18)  Rowany Golf Club72
38th Andrew Dent(5) 72
39th Robert Quine(16) 73
40th Brian Coll(9)  Peel Golf Club73
41st Michael Moore(11)  Mount Murray Golf Club73
42nd Mark Reynolds(10) 73
43rd Stevie McGowan(18) 73
44th Martin Cairney(5)  Mount Murray Golf Club73
45th Peter Robertson(15) 73
46th Graham Harris(10) 73
47th Alan Rowe(2) 73
48th Seamus Nugent(16) 74
49th Paul Aston(15)  Peel Golf Club74
50th Nick Lyman(10) 74
51st Liam Cowin(-3) 74
52nd Brian Duggan(3)  King Edward Bay Golf Club74
53rd Paul McMullan(0)  Peel Golf Club74
54th Jacob Holden(7)  Douglas Golf Club74
55th Mr Captain(6) 74
56th John Lee(23) 74
57th Sam (Senior Club Champ) Skelton(5) 74
58th Vic Ferns(5)  Peel Golf Club74
59th Tim Callow(15) 75
60th Ed Walter(14)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man)75
61st Dennis Moore(10) 75
62nd Malcolm Lambert(10) 75
63rd Martin Young(6) 75
64th Stephen Jeffers(0) 75
65th Stephen Fisk(16) 75
66th Neil Caine(0)  Mount Murray Golf Club75
67th Jonathan Wild(11) 75
68th Scott Wilson(13)  Douglas Golf Club75
69th Steve Zybert(11) 75
70th Michael Dawson(15)  King Edward Bay Golf Club76
71st Mark Teare(3) 76
72nd Peter Moyer(10) 76
73rd Paul Keeley(8) 76
74th Danny Foulis(1)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club76
75th Neil Cartwright(10) 76
76th Jamie Arneil(1)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club76
77th Darren Howland(10)  Peel Golf Club76
78th Daniel Hattersley(3) 76
79th Greg Stalker(2) 77
80th Terry Ditchfield(11) 77
81st Andrew Halsall(4) 77
82nd Paul Lowey(-4) 77
83rd Peter Easthope(6) 77
84th Oliver Steriopulos(10) 77
85th Kenny Chesterson(5) 77
86th Jonny Cain(4)  Peel Golf Club77
87th Daniel Howland(6)  Peel Golf Club77
88th Melvyn Todd(12) 77
89th Sean Dowling(16) 77
90th Chris Till(16) 78
91st Dan Williams(3) 78
92nd Neil Smith(6)  Douglas Golf Club78
93rd Chris Nicholson(9)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club78
94th Terence Cassidy(10) 78
95th Stephen Grant(25)  Rowany Golf Club78
96th Mark Todd(5) 78
97th Richard Dunn(6) 78
98th Steve McGowan(8) 78
99th Freddie Dancox(3)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club78
100th Sam Crawford(0) 78
101st Gez Bradley(1) 78
102nd Phil Games(9) 78
103rd Ian Souter(10) 79
104th Mark Jones(16) 79
105th Stuart Campbell(11) 79
106th John Byrne(11) 79
107th David Allan(10) 79
108th Peter Miller(15) 79
109th Rob Mciver(8)  Peel Golf Club80
110th Daniel Arneil(4)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club80
111th Colin Charles Magee(11) 80
112th Stevie Kelly(11)  Peel Golf Club80
113th Ian Perry(12)  Peel Golf Club80
114th Bruce Cobburn(8)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club80
115th Ben Watson(5)  King Edward Bay Golf Club80
116th Seth Waterworth(2)  Peel Golf Club80
117th Anderson Whamond(13) 81
118th Neal Aitken(13)  Peel Golf Club81
119th Gerry Ganly(13) 81
120th Scott Donald(-1) 81
121st Jonathan Potts(10) 81
122nd Stuart Butler(18) 81
123rd Keith Featherstone(11) 81
124th PJ Vermeulen(-1) 81
125th Tam Dick(5)  Mount Murray Golf Club81
126th Martin Derbyshire(11) 81
127th James McStay(14)  Douglas Golf Club81
128th Neil Hartley(5)  King Edward Bay Golf Club82
129th Cameron Millar(13)  Douglas Golf Club82
130th Andy Lagden(4) 82
131st Anthony Young(5)  Peel Golf Club82
132nd Anthony Dowling(13)  Peel Golf Club82
133rd Ian Raybon(13) 83
134th Gary Allen(22)  Rowany Golf Club83
135th Nick Wild(16) 83
136th Warren Mcgoldrick(9)  King Edward Bay Golf Club84
137th Neil Campbell(17)  Rowany Golf Club84
138th Jimmy Kelly(11) 84
139th Andy (Coz) Corrin(20)  Rowany Golf Club85
140th Andy Saunders(10) 85
141st Guy Sissons(17) 86
142nd Gary Ashe(2)  Douglas Golf Club87
143rd Neil Morrison(8)  Mount Murray Golf Club87
144th Anthony O'Mahony(6) 88
145th Marc Clarke(16)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf Club89
146th Andy Moore(8) 89
147th Alan Bath(12) 89
148th Greg Easton(9)  Rowany Golf Club90
149th Paul Richardson(5)  Peel Golf Club90
150th Peter Thomas(8) NR
151st Martin Kennaugh(10)  Rowany Golf ClubNR
152nd Ian Haworth(24)  Rowany Golf ClubNR
153rd Matthew Ascroft(6) NR
154th Michael Charmer(-3) NR
155th Peter McKenna(22) NR
156th Tim Shallcross(14) NR
157th Neil Robb(13)  Peel Golf ClubNR
158th Martin Kinrade(4)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf ClubNR
159th Robert Braide(2) NR
160th Guy Richard Murray(10) NR
161st Tim Leeming(10)  Douglas Golf ClubNR
162nd William Laughlin(12) NR
163rd Michael Kelly(14)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf ClubNR
164th Ian Nicholson(8)  Peel Golf ClubNR
165th Craig Drummond(14)  Peel Golf ClubNR
166th Ricky Coole(7) NR
167th Tom Wilson(23)  Ramsey Golf Club (Isle of Man) Golf ClubNR
168th Wayne Egerton(15) NR
169th Craig Mitchell(12)  Peel Golf ClubNR
170th Richard McAleer(19) NR
171st Ray Hughes(5)  Peel Golf ClubNR
172nd Josh Cowley(7)  Rowany Golf ClubNR
173rd Phil Hassall(6)  Peel Golf ClubNR
174th John Ledwidge(13) NR
175th Andi Howland(3) NR
176th Daniel Matthews(12)  Phoenix Golf ClubNR
177th Colin Edward Magee(10) NR
178th David Laughlin(16) NR
179th Martin Feely(11)  Douglas Golf ClubNR
180th Robert Adcock(28) NR
181st Joshua Reynolds(12)  Norwood Park Golf CentreNR
182nd Richard bridson(18)  Rowany Golf ClubNR
183rd Nick Kelly(8)  Mount Murray Golf ClubNR
184th Duncan Donald(9) NR
185th Karl Cormode(2)  Mount Murray Golf ClubDQ Course & Playing Handicap not detailed
186th Andrew Callow(22)  Mount Murray Golf ClubDQ Course & Playing Handicap not detailed
187th Simon Colquitt(7)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ Scores not entered
188th David Murray(4)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ Scores not entered
189th Stephen Broadbent(3)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ Scores not entered, no Course or Playing Handicap
190th Ivan Clague(8)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ Scores not entered
191st Joseph Dudley(14)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ Playing Handicap not detailed
192nd Kevin Roberts(18)  Rowany Golf ClubDQ No card returned
193rd Christopher Clinton(10)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ No card returned
194th Peter Glover(-2)  Douglas Golf ClubDQ No card returned
195th Mike Gerrard(17) WD

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Competition Fees:
  • £5.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 197

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